Does Flossing Make Your Teeth Whiter?

Does Flossing Make Your Teeth Whiter?

flossing for whiter teeth
Flossing is known to be able to help you maintain healthy gums by getting rid as much of the bacteria or food pieces stuck between your teeth and gum.

But does flossing actually help you make your teeth whiter as well?

Well, when you floss regularly, it does remove the particles between your teeth, so it makes your teeth LOOK whiter, though the actual color of the teeth is the same. For an illustration, it's just like how vacuuming the carpet can make it look brighter in color, but in reality, you're just removing the excess dirt on it, and the underlying color of your teeth is still the same.

So, a quick answer is no! But anyway, here's a video on how to floss your teeth the right way. Enjoy!

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